Reliable Speed, Abundant Usage

To continue to meet your needs for speed, reliability and continuous improvements to the network, each of our service options now includes a usage allowance. Usage is measured by the amount of content transferred to and from your computer when it’s online.

The majority of our customers are on plans that meet their needs and should not expect to go over their monthly usage allowance. If you do go over, you can pay for additional usage on a monthly basis, or change your level of service so that it meets your online needs. Measuring usage this way more fairly reflects how our customers are using the service and allows us to maintain competitive monthly rates for all of our customers.

Tools to help you understand your usage

We’ve created tools to help you understand your usage, maximize your speed and ultimately determine which service will work best for you. We will help ensure that there are no surprises on your bill.


Track your usage

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Understand your bill

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