Online Notifications


In addition to our usage tool, we also offer automatic online notifications.


So you can stop counting gigabytes and surf securely. Like your car's fuel gauge, we'll keep  your posted on those rare occasions when you're approaching your allowance.


Here's how it works

If you reach 75% and 100% of your monthly usage, you will receive an online notification.


These alerts won't interfere with your surfing. And they're completely private – they're triggered only by your total usage, not by the specific website you're visiting.


And should you wish, with a simple click, you can choose not to see your notifications. You'll always have the freedom to acknowledge and dismiss a bulletin, and the notice will be added to your notification history in our online usage tool.

Usage Notifications

If you've already received a notification and have chosen not to receive them again, you can sign back up for Usage Notifications by clicking on the links below. In order to successfully opt in, please make sure you are using your Internet connection at home.
75% opt in:
100%: opt in: