Optimize your experience

No matter how you spend time online, you can take steps to get the most from your experience – regardless of your service tier.

Follow this guide to optimize your usage and maintain the best
service for your monthly investment:



Turn off Peer-to-peer programs when you’re not downloading

  • When you download files using peer-to-peer services such as BitTorrent, you’re not only downloading large files - you may also be uploading files from your computer. Some applications may even stay open when you think they’re closed. Always be sure to close any file-sharing applications when you’re not downloading, and always turn off your computer when you’re done

Regularly scan your computer for viruses and Spyware

  • Some viruses are designed to send mass e-mails (SPAM) from your system or attempt to use your connection to attack other computers on the Internet. This may increase your usage and slow down your computer. Spyware and adware pose similar threats, infecting your system and either sharing your information or displaying unwanted pop-ups and banners. Anti-Spyware and pop-up blockers will protect your system from these unwelcome guests, eliminating the potential for unintentional usage.
  • Make sure your system is protected with up-to-date security software like Rogers Online Protection.

Make sure your Wireless Home Network is secure

Use medium quality photos when sending them through e-mail

  • For your benefit, and your recipients', try to minimize the size of your attachments. For example, you usually don’t need to send very high-quality photographs, which can be multiple megabytes. A single medium-quality photograph is only about one megabyte, meaning you’d need 1,000 photographs to equal one gigabyte. And on computer monitors, there's minimal difference in appearance. Alternatively, consider sharing your photos with friends and family on popular sites like Flickr or Photobucket.

Be aware of how others in your home use your Internet connection

  • Although you may be aware of your usage allowance and how to optimize your experience by following the tips above, it is also important that you make everyone in your household aware. Share this information with everyone who uses the Internet connection in your home.

Try the tools

  • If you or members of your family routinely download large files, stream live videos or music, or play online games, you’ll definitely want to keep track of your usage. Find out how Rogers makes it easy with online usage notifications.